Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Busy times

I have been busier than usual lately because on a whim we decided to buy a puppy......yes i know, what was i thinking? We did have a choice on an older dog but felt it may be too big and hence threatening to our youngest boy. This pup is a pure breed Labrador (black). he is simply the cutest. However, pups need to learn many things as you know. the toilet training, stopping the nipping and walking on a leash etc. I have been going outside in the middle of the night, standing waiting for a wee wee ( i never thought i would be so happy about wee ). We have all had our share of cleaning up accidents. Tiring to say the least and particularly hard when my OT is awful in the night and early morning but i am doing it and i hope that out of the commitment, our kids will grow up with a loving pet.

Meet Jimmy

Some other news. I have made an event of facebook called letter box drop, and it is a feel good, simple little thing that is going to take place this Saturday. All that is required is a kind word to someone you know (or a stranger) and drop it in their letter box. It could be as simple as saying thank you to your neighbours for being great neighbours or thank a teacher for their hard work or even easier, tell you family what they mean to you.

Why did i do this? Just because i am not out in the community as much as i would like due to my sickness, doesn't mean i have to stop doing good deeds, i just have to change it up a bit and so i used technology to connect to others. It became quite big and over 1000 people are invited but will be more wide spread because ABC radio has taken an interest in it also and want to talk with me about it. This is so great for me as i didn't imagine it would go outside of my circle of friends. It just goes to show there are many people with kind hearts who want to help increase self esteem in others and set an example by showing kindness. It makes me so happy and proud of humanity.

Well that's what i have been busy doing, what has filled your days?

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