Tuesday, March 20, 2012

no mess activity

Today all I'm getting is "I'm hungry, i want something to eat" from my little boy. I gathered that since i had caved and gave him an apple, a muesli bar and toast that he probably wasn't hungry anymore and it was more a case of boredom.

He had his pencils and paper, cars and animals out but they weren't getting much love so i packed those away and set up an activity.

Things i used;

scrap white paper
plastic slips
sticky tape


Place scrap paper on the table.
Squirt some paint inside the sleeves.
Tape to the table covering the scrap paper.
Just too simple!!

This can be set up for as long as you can handle looking at it. It is a great way to teach little ones their colours and as they get older you can teach them colour combinations to create different colours. Its a great hands on fun teaching tool for our little ones. Shapes can also be discussed if they happen to create a circle or a diamond etc. That's if your little person wants to do this activity, mine didn't so that was a bit of a fail..... Oh well, he may go to it later??
The best thing of all is it is no mess activity, yay. (definitely no mess here since he wont even play with it)

Activity inspired by Ideas-Inspiration-For-Crafty-Parents facebook page.

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