Friday, April 20, 2012

Meshing around

Hi Blog, long time no see.

Maybe i have been absent due to kids being on school holidays or house training our beautiful labby, Jimmy, or maybe i was a bit lazy. One thing i have kept meaning to share is my new recycling "thing" for our family. Its weird but it works and its frugal.

We are using the mesh bags used to hold oranges and onions as scourers for our dishes. They are also good for stainless steel stove tops because they are non abrasive. Woohoo i love that i have given something another life.

I am still mindful that i could be buying the oranges and onions loose and using my own bag from home but this is still a good way of giving something another life if you happen to find them in your home.

As a side note, whilst i was searching for a picture of the mesh, i came upon a cute blog for great Eco crafting which i will now be a fan off, if you would like to check it out click HERE.

I'm sure there are many uses for these bags, do you have another use?

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