Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pass or flunk?

In keeping to the subject of starting a fresh for the new year, I am re evaluating my goals and my plan of action I will take to achieve them.

In 2011 I was very interested in de cluttering and I would say at times I felt accomplished but since my family and I are consumers, things can accumulate all over again so last year I discovered this is an ongoing goal that needs revisiting often in our household. The clutter project may just help me to do this. I feel last year i was obsessed with this and with good reason, simplicity frees up space and time and allows us to focus on the important things in life. Sometimes we can all be too busy picking up stuff that is not even needed in the first place, stuff consumes us, overwhelms us and takes over our lives. Which leads me to my next question of myself. Am I flunking out on life?

Flunking, failing whichever word is more appropriate it's asking a question that puts a grade on our life's activities. For example, are my personal relationships up to scratch? Am I putting in efforts to allow relationships to blossom?
If i was in school and this was a subject, how would i be graded? If it was broken down to subjects, am I an A grade in communication, listening, sharing, caring, helping, affection and trust? If i was to assess myself this would be difficult but it is a good way of looking at aspects of my life and realizing it all takes work and effort. Things don't need to be perfect, in fact whilst i was at school i was always commended for my efforts (maybe the teachers way of making up for my low grades?). I will always try and stay true to my school days and the real me by keep up with my talent which is effort. I have been lacking in effort but i am hoping to live up report cards once more.

You can learn how to evaluate yourself and see if you are flunking out in life here.

So summing up on my initial goals is to de clutter to allow time to focus on the important things like being present and improving my relationships with my loved ones. I think that a plan!!

Do you find chores and things take over your life? Are you an A grade student?

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