Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Accomplished or not?

Do you list your accomplishments or write a To Do List crossing off items to see what you have achieved in any given day?

Are you making lists on what you are grateful for?

Simply put, are you a list kind of person?

My questions come from mulling over wasting my days away. I can do plenty more in my day, i can achieve more, give more, explore more and learn more. The new year brings a fresh start to think about the year ahead and the direction in which i wish my life to head.

I am so reactive in life but this is something i want to work on personally because i want to be proactive in life. Seeking out new things to add to my experience of life. Nothing extreme just simple things like making time for gardening.
Today it felt very fulfilling to watch my children counting how many tomatoes we had picked from our garden while my hands were wrist deep in sopping mud. It was glorious. To me this is an accomplishment or two. Spending time with my family and getting some gardening done, achieved . If i wrote this down, listed it, i could refer back and see my life is full of accomplishments and if they are few and far between then it is a great tool to nudge me to go after some more.

I'm not the type of person that commits long term to things, i either get bored or i find something else a bit more exciting. For now though i think listing is something that i need to do to keep me thankful, grateful and accomplished.

What about you?

What do you need a list for?


  1. Hello, I'm a new follower. Happy New Year.


  2. Hi Nicola! Great post... Especially because it's new years resolution time! I'm SO a list person... I write them to get everything organized, and so I know I'm not forgetting anything. I write daily task lists, grocery lists, article idea lists... everything! Hope you have a great new year!

    Love & Cake,

  3. Hello Cinthya thanks for following. You have the cutest boys :)

  4. Hi Amber, it is a common theme at the moment with the new year i am enjoying reading others goals too. Thanks for reading :)

  5. Hey Nicola,
    I don't have your email so I'm leaving this comment on your blog... thanks SO much for your lovely comment. Just wanted to let you know that it really made my day.
    Happy New Year to you too
    luv from Simoney

    PS if you email me your email address I'll be able to reply to your comments ♥

  6. PS I think maybe I need to start writing lists again too. Something I haven't done for ages, but maybe should do again.

  7. I am SUCH a LIST kind of girl. A make too many really, and most time forget them at home when running errands ! But I love my lists and they seem to keep me together as I would probably forget my head if it wasnt attached :)
    Great post ! Thanks for sharing !

  8. I have never been able to get the word proactive. Isn't it just reacting positively? And I'm never able to keep track of things in the way you do. Anyway Cheers.

  9. Reacting positively? I like it, i need to get my head around that some more but thank you for giving me food for thought.