Wednesday, January 18, 2012

messy mess

I had goals for my blog this year as i assume all bloggers do each new year but i have found i have so much going on i am not focused on one particular thing long enough to commit to a blog post about it. I am just going to share an array of things right now.

I have spent a lot of the school holidays by the pool supervising the kids swimming. I have been having that exhausted doing nothing feeling often from being outdoors. Maybe a bit of heat exhaustion at times.

I have been crocheting mandala circles to crate a big round cushion to sit on, see how that turns out. Not completed since i am not focused and keep starting and stopping. For those of you that enjoy crochet, the pattern is a granny circle made to the size you wish.

Find the tutorial here if you would like to make one yourself.

I have also been trying to read since i have added reading a quota of books to my list of things i want to accomplish this year. Again, i keep stopping and starting and i have a few books going at one time. Ggggrrr get focused Nic!!

Friendship has been important so far this year, I have started the mending of a dear friendship which i thought was possibly gone for the rest of my time. Feels good.
I have been missing my dear friend overseas as i have either been unable to skype or have not been able to bring myself to feel like talking ( i get glum sometimes). I wish she was here just to sit with me and enjoy each others company. I love her so much.
I have found some friends that are very like minded and i love drawing inspiration from them to live a little bit, i hope i can bring something to their lives also.

I have tried to get myself moving a little more when the weather has permitted but often i find i just can't bring myself to sweat it out in this heat. How i admire people that push themselves against all odds.

I have been forcing myself away from the time consuming facebook, as much as i love what it has and still brings to my life, i know i need to control the time spent on that and dedicate more time to my family, friends and home. Don't feel neglected facebook i will always love you.
I also have backed off from my laptop, hence no regular posts, as it was either facebook or reading many many blogs. I would like to make a commitment to at least have a post a week, mmmm see how that goes?

I am either looking at this change in me as being all over the place or i am slowly letting things fall in to place to create a better routine of things. I am not keen on having no focus on one particular thing but i feel like i have so much going on there is no time for boredom.
A complaint i have though is i still feel stuck in the home. I want to make plans but i feel so limited still, i need to push away from this comfort zone and then perhaps i will have more interesting things to blog about.
Do i have anything else to whine about? Erm not at the moment :)

I think i might just go off and try and finish a book from my pile of books.


  1. This heat is just draining and unmotivating.

    Wise words are; we need to treasure each day and live it like it's the last. Unfortunately I don't live by them enough.

  2. wise words indeed and one i also need to live by.