Saturday, January 21, 2012

New from old.

I am passionate about recycling as many who know me are very much aware of. Admittedly i have been slack while trying to purge from my home but i was inspired again by coming across this site which talked about re-growing celery from the end of a bunch of celery. What a brilliant thing to do, grow new from old. Love it!

Here is the link for re-growing celery. Then i started my search for re-growing potatoes then re-growing garlic and re-growing pumpkin. I certainly started something, my search is to be continued as i am loving reading all about this. It is no new concept i understand but to me it is a new habit i would like my hubby and i to get into. 

Then during my "reading" today i came across a documentary called "No Impact Man", I had to get it and watch it straight away. It was a good watch and if you are into self sustainability and having little impact on the planet environmentally, then this is for you. No Impact Man has a blog too if you want to check it out here.

So today i opened a can of worms. I will probably need to get myself some sort of book to put in all the little hints and tips i find so all this information i find wont seep out of my leaky mind.

What do you grow new from old? 

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