Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Addit to my last post

On from my previous post yesterday.

When I told Sebastian Terry, the author of "100 Things" that I had mentioned him and his book he replied by firstly thanking me for my kind words (my words were not even close to how touched I felt by his book). Then asked theeee question, have you wrote your list yet?

In answer to that I have sort of mindfully conjured up things I would like to do. I have been secretly dreaming of endless possibilities. Ideas have been flooding through my mind but I have been struggling to concentrate on one thing and go for it. Must stop procrastinating Nicola! My life will be restricted by my illness and the limitations that come with that but I know that I can achieve a fulfilled life with adaption plans, so I guess this adds a slight edge to the list but needs not be an excuse to give up on life's opportunities. Much can be accomplished if I just believe in myself.

So my number 1 item on the list is to meet Mr Sebastian Terry, he is looking at going to the UK at the moment so this wont happen just yet (but it can and it will). My next item, number 2, is to Kayak or some sort of rowing, nothing extreme but for me it really is. I have sat for so long in my recliner thinking my days were over, you wouldn't believe how encouraging this would be for me to continue creating more opportunities for myself and my family.

I have blogged about a bucket list before so i will be revisiting these and making some of those things part of my list. I will have to put my list down on paper so i can use it as a motivational tool and gain a sense of achievement when i cross items off my list.

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