Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just things i love

I adore vintage lace, i can't tell you why it just always attracts my eye. I don't own any, although i would like too. I would love to see it draped over big old book cases and dressing tables. I would even like to see it in a picture frame as the lace is sometimes so busy with design you could look at it and find different things each time. I would love to even wear it draped over my shoulders or a nice swirly skirt, oh what an old soul i am.

When I was younger I didn't much appreciate doilies. I thought they were for "old" people. Now that I am "old" I love them so much, it is one of the first things I look for when I go op shopping. Firstly, I am amazed by how little nots can make something so pretty and secondly because I haven't mastered the art of making one myself I look at them and marvel, wishing I could create such beauty with my own hook.
Doilies are so versatile, they can be shown off by using them as an embellishment on clothing, used to display a pot plant on. They can save damage to hardwood or be placed on couches to keep the material from ruin. They can do so much while looking so pretty. Doilies are not everyones cup of tea but now that i like to crochet i appreciate the work that they entail.

I am a little sentimental with hand fans. Every time my family and I went abroad I would come home with a fan and I would display them on my wall with blue tack. Most of them were made of paper so they ruined from my frequent artistic rearrangements of them.
I found this image below from google images aren't they lovely?

What little things do you love?


  1. I still don't think I could bring myself to *use* a doilie but I agree that they're beautiful, such intricate patterns. I love the current trend of using doilies to embellish tshirts and/or make little cap sleeves on singlets!

  2. Hahaha Laura you made me laugh, i know what you mean about not quite bringing yourself to use a doily. I just read your latest post and realized you have similar memories to me with Christmas in the UK and then Christmas in Oz :)

  3. oh yes i am the same way too! didn't know how to appreciate them when it filled my mother's house. now that i moved out, i wish i had some lace coverlets and doilies to decorate the house with!

  4. If you like op shopping Punkychewster then you need to add them to your shopping list :)