Friday, December 2, 2011

The day arrived

So we had the tea party finally and it was such a hit we didn't get many photo's. Lucky i had posted so much leading up to it. However, i have to share what the cup cakes looked like and they did taste  as good as they look. Thank you my hubby x

Riley was quite impressed with these squishy things aka marsh mellows.

My daughter's face was a picture left in my memory for life. She arrived home to a decorated porch with flowing curtains and hanging lanterns. She had ice pink balloons on the backs of the chairs and of course all the decorations i have previously showed you. They had home made pink lemonade made with real raspberries and home made sausage rolls. They had popcorn in little pink chinese boxes to take away. Oh and she did have three lovely friends to join her. Sweet little darlings. All of them wanted to stay they were having such a good time. My darling daughter said "thank you very much Mum for doing all of this" awwww

She is the bravest girl i know to go through what she did with the horse riding accident and i would give her the world if i could. My simple little tea party meant the world to her though :)

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