Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Use what you have for Christmas.

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I haven't been around the blogger world for a while so i thought i would get lost in inspiration once again.
I am crushing on bloggers that have had some crafty moments with the flare i am always looking for. They are recycling and using natural materials whilst making their decorations and home made gifts, bliss. I am so inspired i thought i would share them all here in a compilation to save you some time in hunting down ideas.

The Gunny Sack has turned a brown paper shopping bag into adorable gift tags.

Creative Chaos - Organized living solutions has taken a bit of the outdoors and made something quite angelic.

The Taylor House has made a reason to drink plentiful to make this beautiful wreath. ( not advocating anything here ;-).

Home and harmony reminds us that something old can become something new, any old jumpers laying around??

So just a few links to get you crazy inspired for not only the Christmas spirit but also to use what you already have in and around your home.


  1. Great links! Definitely going to check some out. I love trying to recycle old stuff to use for gifts and packaging... much less wasteful that way!

  2. Thanks have the cutest blog ever.