Monday, October 3, 2011


Picture from another blogger

I have been trying to sort out my life a little. We have six people in the home so i have made it that we all have our washing done once a week on a particular day. The remaining day is linen, hence change bed day! I have decided not to stress if there is remaining washing in wash baskets, it will get done eventually.  lets face it, washing never ends, it comes straight back like a bloody boomerang so i am looking at my new washing regime from this perspective;

Less stress when it is a small load to hang, fold and return each day.
No confusion over who's clothes belong to who. Comes to me in the persons wash basket and is returned in their wash basket and the good part, they put it away!!

It's much more manageable. Its not like i can't wash something that is in need straight away.

Hint: Make sure everyone has a good amount of underwear for the week.

Some may not be able to tolerate smelly socks left in the basket for a week. Seriously i tried washing everything every day and i soon got to the point where i couldn't be bothered and didn't even go near the laundry for days in hope the fairies did it in the meantime.

So i hope this works for us or I'll be back here sharing my new plan of action.

I have also put a lot of my decorative ornaments away, less to dust. I will be looking for a way to store special items in such a way that requires no dusting.

Trying to drum into my toddler and the big girl to put a box of toys away before they get another box out. Ha!

I have structured days for bathroom/toilet and floors. I don't want to bore you with all this but i want to share so i can be accountable.....i have to be good because i told my blogging friends i am doing it!!

Really though, i want to stop procrastinating, i just gotta get stuck into it. I got that from the book that my blogger friend sent me, Frugal Down Under, i just gotta stop being my own obstacle.


  1. I think it's great that you're making yourself a schedule for the chores. Have you heard of FLYlady? I subscribe to her daily emails and at points they are all that have kept the days ticking over rather than ending up with a giant cloud exploding.

  2. MMMM Gotta check that one out i reckon. Thanks for the tip:)