Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today i was trying to find calm.
I love nothing more than getting dirty in the garden. I've said it before but it just must have a theraputic element. Just the feel of the warm soil between my fingers ( and sometimes between my feet because i garden with bare feet.) felt serene. It felt beautiful to have the sun warming my back and just enough wind to feel comfortable. The mixture of smells inhaled are incredible and best of all the sounds of nature beats T'V anytime.
I believe i felt a moment of calm and it was refreshing after the recent times.

Look at the glorious sun.

Today = FUN


  1. On a particularly bad and stressful day I find watering my plot is very meditative and calming. I feel myself release.

  2. Oh by the way, if you have lots o basil - I read basil tea is good for anxiety and sleep. I had a lovely giant cup tonight. Bliss. (Plus it made my home smell of good Italian food).

  3. Oh really, might have to look up basil tea sounds like it would be something right down my alley :)