Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All good things come.....

Its dawned on me that i have been using my blog like a diary to whine about things, which is fine i guess but i really think i would like to mix things up a bit, try something different and concentrate on some happy things also. So if i have a whine i need to follow it up with something good/positive/sweet/pretty.

So what are some things to smile about;

Yesterday i had breakfast outside. Felt great doing something different.

Google image
Doesn't that tantalise your taste buds?

I have been doing well with my chores roster and the kidlywinks have been helping so it makes it incredibly easy. Still procrastinating on doing the bathroom today but it will be done.

I love hair, incredibly versatile and artistic if you want it to be.

check out this blog its super cute. Find here.

I hide from people but i have realised i love people and their uniqueness. Everyone has an ism. I have Nicola-isms.

I love gardens and outdoors.

Google image.

I love that i can't cook, it has made my hubby and oldest boy great cooks.

I love nice smelling hand and body creams. Something about smells that can lift a mood.

Google image.

My family put up with my isms and i love them for it.

I could go on. These things are simple but important in shaping a day for me. Its amazing when you stop to look at the little things you realise there is a lot of good going on.


  1. This might sound weird but breakfast is my favourite meal... but i hate eating when i first wake up. Haha. but i could happily eat breakfast for lunch or dinner... all the best meals are breakfasts...

    fruit and yoghurt
    french toast
    egg, toast and beans
    vegemite on toast
    cream cheese on a toasted bagel
    scrambled eggs
    poached eggs
    boiled egg with toast soldiers
    porridge with poached pears and cinnamon
    rice bubbles


    I'm making myself hungry, haha

  2. Oh the Aussie in us, Vegemite on toast. Yes you made me hungry too :)