Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Travel Earth Sensitive

This was heart warming to see as i used the amenities at the airport coming home from the gold coast, I eyed this sign and thought to myself, how i wished i could take a photo to share with you all.
Notice the image to the left of this glossy sign. My hubby using the gents amenities. It makes me laugh.

All visual pictures of my hubby on the loo aside, my heart warms when i see steps to help the worlds environmental issues. In particular, since the impact of the aviation industry on the environment is of a substantial amount even despite industry efforts to reduce emissions. It is still a step in the right direction because any small step counts right? 

It was really weird for us to go shopping and be supplied with a bag. I was looked at a bit weird when i said i didn't want a bag and i would just use my oversize hippy bag. I totally didn't realize at first that they didn't have a ban like South Australia has on plastic bags ( I think NT,ACT and Vic may have a ban too?). However, i didn't see any being blown around the streets it was so clean and tidy there.

I did struggle with the hotel room as i didn't have my different boxes for paper and plastic and they use a different bag in the bin per day. I wonder if some hotels cater for environmental conscious people?
Anyway that was my environmental musings of my travels.

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