Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lasting memory

I really must get busy doing some cute deco things for my daughters tea party/disco. Since she has completed her therapy for falling off a horse (and having significant injuries might i add) I think she well deserves a celebration and very soon. Also *drum roll* she got back on a horse and walked around on it at our local show grounds. So proud of my girl.

These are the things I have in mind, all pics found on pintrest. So sorry for losing links.

This is a book of compiled special things but since my girl made her own that has all her pictures, hospital tags and stories and so on, i thought i might make up a board that can be hung on her bedroom wall after the party. Her friends can write a special comment about her bravery or things they like about her and she can keep it as a positive marker of the traumatic event. People out there have such wonderful ideas. Thank you to the person who owns this idea. Great inspiration!!

I have used this pic before as i just love the memory of childhood, where stumbling in your mums heels and shimmering from her plastic glossy beads brought so much joy. I would love for my daughter to dress up for her party as posh as she likes. I want all her friends to have a joyful memory of dressing up fun just like mine. Time to gather some beads and boa boas i think.

Now, how posh will the little people feel with pink lemonade with an umbrella to match. Dressing up the table with a bit of lace and flowers, pretty much?

Pretty tea cups, super cute!!

Can you image how sweet a party this would be. Glam.

Dreaming of.
Doilies, lace, dressups,lanterns, teacups, pretty garlands, vintage florals.
So this is what I'm thinking so far and she is pretty keen on the ideas i have shared with her.
What else could i do to make this event memorable for my brave little girl?

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