Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog Envy

These sweet blogs (bloggers) have carried me through the hard times. I have spent many hours having to sit, unable to do much else, so downers are a regularity. I have been able to escape for awhile into the lives of these lovelies. It has been like reading a good book, where you are so engrossed in the characters that they almost become like someone you know. I look forward to their newest adventures and it cheers me to see their latest vintage find or their lovely handmade items. I love to hear (read) their thoughts on life and I feel honoured that they share their inner most feelings with trust in the strangers who read their lives. I would be lost, depressed without their inspiration and fun loving nature about themselves. I want to model my life on these girls. I want to be successful in the blogging world like them and live in quirkiness. I just simply love them. These girls don't even know that they are changing people's lives, they just unselfishly share and i am grateful i have stumbled upon their blogs or maybe it was fate to nudge me in the direction of getting my act together. Thanks a bunch Girls :)


  1. this is so so sweet! thank you. im honored. and among 3 of my favorite girls! xoxo.

  2. I, too, love these bloggers! Thank you so much for such kind words-- my heart is so happy. *hugs*

  3. Thank u so so much! This completely made my day... I'm new to blogging so knowing that u follow my blog makes me happy! I am so honored to be among such awesome girls:) xoxo