Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mess with a purpose.

This little man looks like he is sitting with a mess around him. Yes he is BUT...this is a box of interesting individual bits and bobs that would normally go in the bin because they no longer serve their original purpose. This can keep my boy entertained for quite some time. He may include the pieces in a game he is playing or just sort through them.
I originally wanted to collect lots of interesting buttons as my Nanna did. When I was small I used to love going through all her buttons, use them for counting or just looking at the different designs, sorting them into colours and sizes. I thought against it since he is still so small and I would be finding buttons everywhere but it is still a plan that I will bring out when he is a bit older.
In the mean time whenever I find anything smallish with interesting patterns or shape I will chuck it in his box so he always finds something new. Mess with a purpose.

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