Sunday, July 10, 2011

Be Transformed

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"The transformational properties of clothing are real, & not to be sniffed at! It doesn’t take a genius to realise that you feel extremely different in your lounging-around-the-house clothes & your party dresses, or to notice the change in attitude when you switch your slip-ons to something with a little more kick. So it makes sense to commit ourselves to bringing a little more beauty & a little more wonder into our daily lives! It is simply good for us!" This is a quote from it is like it was written to me in a personal letter but of course it was shared with the world.

I know that when I was growing up I loved to dance but also I couldn't dance until I was satisfied with looking the part. Since I grew up in the 80's, I loved the look of Madonna (except for the cones), with the ripped clothes and lots of layers with a fish net glove. I instantly found a creative love with clothes.
I remember when I was young I had this beautiful dress that when I swirled it spun right out and it was perfect for a type of Spanish dancing. Clothes used to set the scene for me. In my head I used to be a dreamer and imagine my Spanish audience or my big pop crazed fans going crazy over Madonna while I was her back up dancer. Dreams, what amazing things they are.

Any way, back from dreamland, clothes were always fun and I miss that. I would love to dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable and free in expression of how I feel on any given day. Almost like a picture, clothes can paint the world and cheer up the dismal shades of grey.
I wish I could find my flare again. I just don't feel myself when I don't play around with clothes. I attack my hair all the time instead. Ha ha. I'm not talking about going out and splurging on clothing, wearing what you own in different ways to the usual can be liberating. I might just add a bit of colour to my trackies and jumper. Come on Nic, I know your in there somewhere!

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  1. I love wearing stuff that is different and out there...

    Except since having my girl I've been more dowdy then out there crazy.

    Some funky 80's music and a box of makeup can set the scene for some fun dressing :-)