Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Up to my neck in pills

Today I am in bed like I was yesterday and I think it may be because I missed two days of one of my medications. The effects of missing a drug is awful. I am experiencing a bad stomach, a bad head and I could vomit so easily right now.
Life was way to hectic lately for us to drop off the script to the pharmacy hence missing two days. I am now paying for not being organised.
I hate being ruled by my drugs. I've had it up to my neck with them ( see photo, it is literal).
Honestly though, my body tells me when I need my medications my tremors get so bad that the spasms actually hurt and burn my muscles. So I kind of get desperate for the tablets.
I have a nice little routine of a morning, my lovely husband puts the kettle on for a coffee and hands me my three meds for the morning. If for some reason that kettle isn't on almost straight away I become like a big ogre and I want to pounce. I almost feel like an addict GIVE ME MY DRUGS.
I hate that I get sick because of the tablets and I hate that I am sick without them.
I want to get CLEAN so to speak. I want to try alternative therapies. I no longer want to put toxins in to my body. I have no clue what they are. At the moment, TV has ads on that ask  "Do you know what the active ingredients are in your medication?" I can't even pronounce them, I don't know what they are, what they do and what long term effects they are having on me. When I miss two days and I feel as  sick as I do right now, it bothers me. What have these drugs been doing to my brain to make me feel like this when I take that drug away. Its scary.
So what natural therapies would I be interested in?
Remedial massage
Lymphatic drainage?
Trigger point therapy
I wonder what else there is?
I am scared to be on medications and I am scared not to be. This is my life at the moment. To take or not to take, that is the question?


  1. Oh, I know that I cannot and will not answer that question for anyone. That is one decision that you need to make on your own. When looking at alternative therapies you need to make sure that the therapist fully understands your condition before you make any decisions regarding alternative treatments. You also need to consult with your specialists and keep them in the loop of what you are planning and hoping to achieve.

    Good luck, Gorgeous and throwing big hugs your way.

  2. You are very wise Daffodil and so right, thank u :)