Friday, May 20, 2011

Cull the Toys???

This little boy fills my days while my other babes are soaking up information like a sponge from their teachers. While they are going through the motions of the classroom order it is pure chaos at home.
We are splattering paint, splashing in water and drumming on drums.
I am discovering my child within all this mess, he rarely ventures into his room where literally thousands of toys lay untouched, instead he is drawn to things that are simple. My boy is soothed by simplicity and I have to say I like this very much. Many hours of his today, was spent with a container, a bit of water and a bar of soap. He couldn't have been more
When the toys are overwhelmingly too much it must reduce the amount of creative flow, its almost like the child becomes stagnant. Give this child a box and play happens for hours.

*I'm rubbing my hands together wondering if I can cull his toys hehe.


  1. Definitely cull, but with your sons permission. Sit down with him and explain that there are many children who are less fortunate than him whose parents cannot afford toys for their childrens birthday and christmas presents. Suggest to him that maybe he would like to donate some of his toys to a charity or op shop. Then he can help you box them up and you could both make a special trip to the organisation of his choice and drop them off.

    Another idea would be to pick out some toys to be wrapped up by both of you later in the year and drop off to charity organisations for christmas presents. Wrap and card them and also indicate what age and gender the individual toys would best suit.

    When kids fully understand the circumstances of other less fortunate, they can be most generous. If you do go down this path, get him to help you write a post with lots of photos.

    Trust me, I will be there commenting with great enthusiasm!

  2. I love the idea for christmas gifting. Thank you.

  3. I really believe mass toys prevent children from being their best. I think it's overwhelming. We have way too much as people give us a lot and I never say no.