Saturday, May 14, 2011

Picture perfect.

I love to see Riley discovering the world of colour and the glory of paint and creativity.
He sat on his big roll of paper and said  "I like Dad". It was so beautiful to see him painting his brush strokes and remembering his special times helping his dad paint his canvases.
Riley splattered the paint, used different items to paint with, an old bottle brush, a lid, a cork, his hands and feet. You can see within the pure innocence that Riley was learning so much. He was exploring the feeling of squishy wet paint on his hands and how different it felt on his feet. Using his words to describe his thoughts. Wet, dirty ( likes to be clean), sticky, red, blue, yellow etc.
He delighted in mixing the colours and you could see the surprise as if he had just performed a magic trick.
Does it take you back to the days when you used to stand at the easel at school and create your best for your teachers?
Riley was telling his stories of what he was painting and he made them come to life when he was role playing with his characters he had drawn. Wouldn't life be bliss if we could go back to living in the dreamy world we create with our teddies or army men or whatever was your "toy".
What I love the most is the carefree nature of slapping the paint onto the clean paper without any hesitation of the self talk "it has to look good" "it needs to be realistic". It was just pure enjoyment.
When i look at the picture in the middle, i have captured the joy in the moment but more than that i have captured my child's hands in his innocence of childhood. He will out grow these little hands but these little hands will stay imprinted in my memory like a painted picture forever.

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