Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Apparently, when nettles are infused in boiling water, the healing qualities from the roots and the leaves are released into the water.

I am a big believer that the earth provides us with what we need. Each season we get an offering of things such as nettle to provide us with the necessary seasonal medicine.
Nettle is offered at a time where sniffles and coughs are becoming more apparent. Is there any guessing that nettle is magically popping up everywhere to help with these ailments.
It is known to assist with winter flare ups such as arthritis, joint inflammation, asthma but besides that it can assist with urinary tract infections, skin irritations, hay fever. I could go on.

It also contains, potassium, calcium, beta- carotene and amino acids and iron.

It is said to help with Diabetes, weight loss, kidney disease, allergies and depression.

Above is my attempt at infusing my hand picked nettle from my yard and honestly if it has that much benefit i will never look at it as a pesky weed again. I added honey and i found it quite strong so the next patch that i pick i will dilute a bit more. I determined to make this a regular dietary requirement for winter.


  1. In France I ate it as a spinach and also added to soup.
    My mum grew up very poor - but they didn't eat it!!! They fed it to the pigs.
    There isn't any here in Darwin. It's a luxury item from the health food shop.

  2. I am keen to add it to pasta, never thought of soup will have to try that. I would imagine Darwin would be too hot for nettle? What "weed" to you have pop up around your area?