Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I bet for most, this is a familiar sight. Oodles and oodles of odd socks, laying lifeless awaiting their mates.
The machine ate them!!! Gee my machine is hungry.

Time to take some action i think. So what are some ideas to be rid of all these lonesome socks?

Laundry bags. I like this hanging type as it clears space on the ground. The hoop will please the kids as they will be able to throw their socks at it like a basket ball hoop. I would prefer mesh so i can put it all in the wash and keep everything together.

Sock pegs are a good idea but for my family I would need hundreds of pegs and I don't think my family would take the time to peg them.

A great idea is to mark all the socks that look alike with coinciding marks. That way the blue socks of different shades gets paired with the appropriate blue. So many times i have gone out in the day light and realized the left is a different blue to the right.

Another idea, but again needs the dedication to do, is to tie the socks together with rubber bands. The bands can be colour coded to a particular person in the house.

Everyone in the family could have the same size colour and brand........

So these are ideas that i think might come in handy. We'll see if the washing machine wants to eat two socks at a time. Only time will tell.


  1. our answer lies in only buying one brand of black socks in bulk and one brand in white. There is no such thing as an odd sock in our house only a leftover one!

  2. Make sock monsters with your lonely deserted socks. Just google sock monsters in images and see all the wonderful inspirations. For stuffing cut up old ragged clothing. Have creative fun.

    As for the monster who eats them in your washing machine... no idea - we don't have that problem. Our socks are put in the washing basket bundled in pairs and only separated as they get thrown in the wash. Hang next to each other on the line and then bundled together when the are picked off the line.