Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mindful Eating

So often I eat with little thought to what my body actually needs.
I don't eat consciously, with thought that this food is supporting my existence. I gobble down the food to fill the empty pit. What I would like to do is eat slowly and enjoy each bite of good nourishing food. Food which will give each cell and molecule its richness to keep the physical body in motion. Each bite I want to be respectful for the food and the process in which it came to me (not forgetting the loving creative ways in which it is delivered on the plate by my hubby).
I want to eat for health, medicate my illnesses and give my body and mind vitality. Since food is a human need and the earth provides it for us I want to give back to the soil.
One Man, One Cow, One Planet a bio dynamic farming documentary about a man called Peter Proctor inspired me to give back to the soil that feeds me.

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"Food is more than just stuff that fills our stomachs" quoted from the documentary one man,one cow, one planet

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  1. When you grow your fruit and vegetables and raise your own happy meat, there is something magical that happens. The flavour of home grown produce is unbelievable, there is crunch, colour, tanginess, zest, zip and aroma that is simply lacking in anything that has spent time sitting in a supermarket.

    Food from your own garden fills you with WOW! and OHHH! You cannot help but savour it and appreciate what it took to take a little seed planted by you and nurtured by you to help it to achieve its full potential as a tomato or a radish. There can be no mindless eating when you eat your own produce.

    Having said all of that, when I eat out, regardless of where I eat, I tend to focus on what I am eating and this slows me down and i enjoy the whole experience. Even though I am paying for a service, I still appreciate everyone elses cooking over my own and I savour and enjoy every single morsel.

    Oh, if only I could apply those same principles to my home cooked meals I would be half the size I am now!