Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bliss Rock.

I pushed myself to my limits today, Orthostatic Tremor was not going to stop me, my muscles were trying to fail me but I was stronger I pushed past the tremor and I pushed past the fatigue and kept on keeping on up steep hills and rocky paths.
My family and I set out for a four hour return hiking trek. Mad you may say with a disability but I say the reward was worth it.
With a perfect stick (that my son picked out for me) in hand, a bottle of water and cameras, we were on our way. No more than a few steps into the scrub we came across some kangaroos scratching their chests and lazing around under the shade.

Just as we get the cameras out they mosey on off, must be camera shy.
We keep on and see such beautiful natural scrub land and hear the wildlife speaking. Thank goodness we didn't come across any snakes!!
We walked and walked and yes we walked. With a lot of self talk such as, "its better than laying in bed" "its better than watching TV" "Its better than looking at the same four walls", I kept my legs moving, one foot in front of the other. The landscape was dense at some spots and just wonderfully surrounding us to make it feel like we were lost in the wilderness. Winding paths and huge rocks sporadically popping up in the bush were a spectacular picture and a dream to be in amongst.
Finally we get to the forest and peering through the pines is a view like i have never seen. I had to scream out a sound to hear the open space echo my voice. A picture or an explanation could not give enough credit to this view. I sat for some time while the others were taking pictures and looking around. I felt peace and i felt what happiness means to me. My daughter joined me and we were perched on a massive rock that seemed to be created by nature just for us to rest on and just simply admire the richness of the gifts the earth presents us with. I will dream of this place and I will never forget the feeling it gave me. I will remember the smell of the pines and the sight of pure beauty while sitting next to my little girl. When the medication for the Orthostatic Tremor doesn't work for me anymore, I will remember this special time that we shared together as a family and smile, i may sit and stare at the same four walls but this memory will stay with me and when things get glum i can imagine we are back there again, together, looking into heavens eyes.
Me on Bliss Rock


  1. Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for the blog and the fotos. I have POT also but the problem is not so much in walking but in an ability to STAND for more than a few seconds, which I think is one of the characteristics of the disease.

    Are you familiar with the website www. It was started by a nurse who has done yeoman work in the furthering awareness of this disabling and debilitating disease.

  2. Hi Noni,
    I think i may be in contact with you on Facebook? I have problems with just standing also. I did however get to a point where i couldn't walk or stand. With the medications i am on it has returned me to the "normal" POT symptoms such as being able to walk but not stand still for more than a few minutes. I still can't. I am a member of the OT website. Maybe thats where i know you from? I'm gladd you are following my blog, Thank you x