Friday, April 29, 2011

Euphoric Medications

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Are medications blinding?

Are they just like a soft blanket to shield you from the cold?
Are they a mothers kiss when a child hurts her knee?
Are they a blazing fire to warm his icy toes?
Are they the shade of a tree in the blistering sun?
Are they chicken soup when a cold is coming on?
Are they a firm hold from a loved one?
Are they the arms of a child around the neck?
Are they like knowing home is a soft place to fall?

Are they just a lie, covering up the truth. Will they end up leaving you in the cold, will they end up leaving behind cold coals from the fire?
They really mask the truth and slowly but surely they allow the truth to appear again and they are no longer there to give comfort like all the other things that bring us comfort.
So often our bodies get immune to medications be it antibiotics, pain relief, analgesics. They simply wear off and we have to increase the medication, going stronger and stronger until we are taking other medications in combination or to ward off the side effects. Then those medications need other medications to eradicate the side effects they cause and it is a vicious cycle.
My drug for Orthostatic Tremor has given me a euphoric feeling due to the ability to do what I once could not. An addictive brain remembers "good" and seeks a "better" feeling. I'm not sure I feel like this but I know when I can't increase any further and don't get the desired effect anymore I will be crushed. So how did i get to this blog post? I have met the undesirable effects, excess weight gain and hair loss.
My priorities should be to continue whilst it still has some benefit but when it doesn't work anymore will I be a misery with no hair and unable to lug myself around due to my weight gain??

Medications are a temporary fix, should I just remember my time was up and this is just buying me a little extra time?


  1. I have an aversion to medications, but I have the current health status to support that personal decision. I see medications as potential benefit, but also take into consideration the costs associated with taking them. If you are comfortable shouldering the costs to enjoy the benefit, then go with it. However, if the cost burden becomes to great, then what?

    Medications are a very personal thing and no one person can make the decision for you, and no one should judge you for the decision that you make.

    I went through a very painful period of my life with a heel spur. People kept telling me to have surgery, but I resisted and went down the alternative therapy route. I now have a more open mind to alternative therapies which I did not have prior to my heel spur. When something starts influencing your life negatively you start questioning traditional treatments and the steel trap of you mind just loosens off a little. But that is me.

    The one thing you cannot deny is that your medications have still allowed you to get out there and enjoy life with your wonderful family. That may just be a pretty fair price.

  2. Thank you for all your comments Daffodil.It helps a lot.By the way, i love daffodils.