Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dress for success


Wouldn't it be good if Adam never ate the apple? Then we could roam around with nothing on and not even blink an eye lid at such an act.
I'm not a nudist, haha, just someone that gets so annoyed by clothes.

When someones abilities are restricted it is so much easier to be organised and have things within reach. It reduces the time spent on an activity therefore conserves energy. I really must get organised to make my life easier.
In previous posts I have started de cluttering my wardrobe and I will be completing this task very shortly as I still pack my drawers full of clothes i don't wear for "just in case". Honestly though if i didn't have that many clothes i wouldn't have that much to wash, right?

Getting back on the subject, what is the subject? I need to be organised to save energy, i need less clothing and i need clothes that are comfortable and fitting for each occasion. Oh dear, that is not just one subject. Now i know why my husband pulls his hair out! Oh wait, he doesn't have any hair.

If i were to address the first issue i really need to unload a lot of the bulk that takes up a lot of my draw space to the Op shop. That can pose an issue in itself as if i honestly got rid of all that i don't wear i will have no pants, except the pair of trackpants my hubby bought me today.

* Very brave of him since i have so many stipulations on what i like ( for comfort of course ), so so sweet of him*

I need to add to my wardrobe after stripping it bare. I don't want to take you through my shopping list but i want to share with you the drama my husband and i go through.

I have Orthostatic Tremor which, if you haven't read earlier post, is a condition which makes it impossible to stand in one spot for any length of time without a tremor and a feeling of instability. When shopping we have tried taking the wheelchair but it is hard to try on clothes with a wheelchair in the change room and that's if the shop has a change room with access for a wheelchair in the first place. Some shops you simply cannot get into the shop or down the aisles. In this day and age ????
We have tried going shopping with my walking stick but with the stopping to look at clothes and trying on it brings on the tremors, forget the line ups to pay for the item. Really its not worth the stress and exhaustion.

So my sweet husband goes to the shops with a list of my likes and dislikes in his head and tries to go shopping for me. Like i said today he goes shopping and he also picks up some extra things that i desperately needed such as knicker bocker glories. He later tells me, he discretely went through the self serve registers so he wasn't discovered holding some undies. Poor thing didn't realise they had the things on them that set of the alarms. Sprung!!

Since i am sitting for the majority of the day it is important that my clothes are comfortable, in particular pants. Just quietly i have a large bottom and if the pants don't fit properly i get quite upset. Having this condition, i get extremely hot so i need loose fitting clothes, decent in case we get visitors and weather appropriate. If i get an outfit of any sort, i believe shoes should match. So if i wear trackpants i need sneakers not flat ballet shoes, do you get what i mean. I'm not someone that has to have the latest trends just appropriate shoes for each outfit. Is that too fussy?

I really wish i could shop just like other women who breeze through the shops and shop till they drop, i shop till i drop alright but that's just going into Target then I'm done. I bet my husband wishes he didn't have to always shop at the local shops for women's items all the time. What will the locals be thinking?

In all honesty, sometimes i sit in my dressing gown trying to get the energy to dress myself and when i don't feel comfortable in anything other than my PJ's i get upset. Someone once told me that if you don't do anything else at least get dressed everyday to make yourself feel better. That's all i want, to get dressed everyday with ease and finally sit all day in comfort at least.


  1. I had posted a comment to your post earlier....but something ate it, Nicola!!!!

    There is something very ritualistic about getting ready for the day that even though you may feel like death, simply getting out of the pjs and into street clothes changes the whole landscape. As a night shift worker I love my pjs and after my last shift can spend the whole day in them pottering around the house half asleep. If I can remember to get dressed in my half zombie state, I suddenly get the urge to go outside and do something...ANYTHING. Garden, work horses, walk dogs or just go and mingle with normal people.

    ahh, the power of clothes!!!

  2. Daffodil, i could read your comments for ever they are almost poetic. Yes i do agree the power of clothes changes the landscape (love that analogy)

  3. Hey Nicola, I met a very interesting lady recently called Kate Woodland. She has a web-site. I suggest you check it out sometime.....
    I think her philosophy might resonate with yours.
    I love your blog's work with great admiration. My name is PB and you know me well....LOL

  4. Hya PB yes i do know you Thanks for the link. Thankyou for your kind words. It is a great out let for me:)