Monday, March 28, 2011

Sit or Fly By

I am here world though you may not see me,
your beings are busy running their young too and fro.

Beings, I am existing in this world just like you,
I sit here while you are rushing in the hustle and bustle.

Animals grazing, I co inhabit the earth with you
while you are busy chomping, I sit.

Birds flying, while you glide through the sky,
I watch you while I sit.

Butterfly landing on the daffodil,
I take pleasure in your beauty while I sit.

Buzzing Bee gathering pollen to take to your hive,
I am sitting.

While life goes on around me,
 I sit.

When I perish I want to come back as you bee, as you bird,
so if my legs fail me I can fly free and get busy.

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