Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Me me me

Sometimes, okay often, I browse through my friends facebook statuses and like,comment or skim past them.
Yesterday a friends status caught my eye and made me ponder for some time. This friend is amazing, she is strong, funny, easy to be around and i simply love who she is, so i really take note of what she writes.
So, the status was about people thinking only of themselves and how this frustrated her. To be honest it made me think of myself, how ironic!
Recently i have been self absorbed since i have got this stupid disability and it has been hard to come to terms with, each day is spent with a little bit of poor pity me attitude.
Am i the only one with this disability?  No
Am i the only one with a disability?  No
Do others suffer more than i do?  Yes
Does that change the downers i get on each day? Unfortunately No.
So how do i get back to thinking more of others? Get back to the girl who put herself further down the list. Not because i didn't care about myself but i found joy in being a nurturer to others, listening to others and lending a hand where i can.
Can i be of assistance to others in some other way?
I know, its still all about me.
What ways do you spread little random acts of kindness?

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  1. Oh how I find myself with this disability more than I would like to admit. Thank you for writing this and for reminding me of what is most important!