Sunday, March 27, 2011


My weekend was right down my alley. We had a different style of garage sale, instead we had a free sale.
My husband got stuck into cleaning his shed out and as daunting that is for us all it resulted in a great thing. We decided to put a free sign on the road pointing to the stuff we no longer needed or wanted but what was still in good condition. It started off really slow and we couldn't believe that people wouldn't stop for a browse through the free stuff! Not too much longer and we had people come and take a few items at a time and finally the stuff was all gone. One thing that really pleased me was a man that asked us what we needed or wanted in return. We were cutting wood at the time for our fire place and he offered some wood from a dead tree at the front of his place. We didn't expect anything in return, we merely just wanted a) things to go to a home where it will be used b) to avoid putting our stuff into landfill before its been loved once more.
It felt good to give this man things he was saving for and in return we got a neighbourly gesture. I'm a real believer of what goes around comes around. It felt better than a monetary reward.
Consider doing this yourself, it declutters and makes your space workable and makes others happy, has to be a win/win.


  1. What a wonderful idea!! Thanks for visiting my blog, I love all your great tips and ideas here!!

  2. Thanks Heather you have inspired me to keep blogging, wasn't sure if people read it :) I love your blogs and will be a frequent visitor.