Saturday, February 11, 2012

Zigzag crochet

The next crochet project which i am about to attempt has meaning behind it. I once cared for a quiet elegant lady who often sat with her colourful yarn and crochet hook and made these beautiful 'zigzag' blankets. I really admired them and wondered how she did them. When i asked her she just smiled, i think she thought i was just being friendly but i was serious, i had no clue how to even do a chain at that stage. Perhaps she knew the time would come that i would learn this my self. Now is the time and i am going to learn it from this amazing blog attic24. It has a step by step tutorial that clearly demonstrates how to make the ripple pattern or 'zigzag' as i call it. So thank you attic24 for the lessons i have wanted to learn for a long time now and to the elegant lady, thank you for the honor of caring for you. My end product will be in memory of you.

Here is an example of a 'zigzag' blanket.

Image from Pinterest.

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