Friday, February 10, 2012

happy snaps

I just thought i'd share some of our antics of late, the picture above was taken under a bridge when we went to capture some snaps purely for something fun to do. This post will be image heavy but thats nothing new for me.

Some more pictures from under the bridge and my smiley hubby :-)

A bit of a silly pic when moving to another destination.

We had a little stroll along a creek in a national park.

I had a few rests on rocks along the way. Then we moved on to our fav forest, we are always overwhelmed by how large the rocks are.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures



  1. i love that last picture of you! i need to go on a hike with my husband soon too! I've been so caught up with work! very bad.

    which national park is this?

  2. Thank you Punkychewster :) We went to Para Wirra recreation park and then Mount Crawford Forest South Australia. I hope you get to go on a hike soon they are so good for the soul.