Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ripples not quite

So, a few posts back i was talking about attempting a ripple crochet pattern. Well it turns out i could not grasp attic24 pattern but i will not give up trying.
I did try another type of ripple and did okay. Still, i am determined to get my head around the one i originally wanted to do .Here is a similar pattern., i couldn't find the link i followed but this one has very clear instructions and it is easy to follow.

Anyway, here is a pic of how the second pattern turned out.

I then decided i didn't want another blanket so i yarn bombed my tree stump out the back yard. I think it looks rather pretty and colourful. Its all in the name of fun.

I am very interested in getting my hands on more tutorials with patterns because it is really helping me learn to read patterns. There are so many people who are talented at crochet and it is so lovely of them to share their knowledge on their blogs,so someone like me can fill in a bit of time that sometimes feels like it stands still.

So when ever i am missing in action, its usually because i am trying my best to master the patterns.

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