Sunday, February 26, 2012

Easter already??

I was a tad bored and since my little boy is very excited about this "really, really big Easter Bunny" coming to visit i thought I'd get a bit in the mood also. I decided to make a Easter basket, in blue since it's my boys favourite colour.

I began with finding some paper which had been used so i can stay in my glory of recycling. This project would work well with a firm bit of card.

I think you would agree that this is a little too scary to be Easter Bunny so it is safe to reuse this bit of paper.

We then made a "sun" as my boy called it.

Then we thread his favorite colour around and around.

I wasn't sure how the threads would stay on so i tied little knots around each section.

Another recycled item was a bit of cardboard from a cereal package which i used for the handle after wrapping yarn around and around. ( I put double sided tape on it first so that it didn't slip off ).

Here it is finished or not quite.........Chocolate!!