Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh no not another weightloss post

Trying a new thing EATING HEALTHY. This is in capitals because it is a little unheard of for me, someone who likes chips and chocolate and all things nice. I have been limited in what is possible for me in the way of exercise and eating badly is inevitably making me increase majorly in weight. Weight gain is also made a little easier with medications, why are all the side effects to medication, weight gain? *sigh*
I have to learn to embrace my extra curves (believe me there is a lot of them). However, it is a timely reminder to treat my body like a temple and put in as much goodness as i can. It is actually nice to eat guilt free. My husband is the researcher of new meals to have each night which are yum and healthy. I love him to bits for this, he knows how important it is to me.
Along with the eating more mindfully i am trying to make a conscious effort to move around a little more, a walk or exercise in the pool. I am trying to stand up to my disability, i just can't let it beat me.
Anyway, this is a new goal at the moment and it makes me happy to be taking control.

I have been munching on theses yummy roasted chick peas and almonds when i feel i am getting near a binge session and crochet is great to keep the mind and hands busy. Hands busy means no reaching for the chocolate.

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