Saturday, November 5, 2011

I want chocolate

This post is about a few different things. Stay patient its from a scrambled mind.

I know everyone has felt at some time in their lives total fatigue, where all you want to do is plonk your body on the bed and not move for ever more.
I am feeling like that, even to the point where typing is difficult. I would like to know what people use to "perk" themselves up. Any secret herbal recipe? A whole block of chocolate? I'm desperate.
The heat is coming in and it is making things extra difficult, hence the desperation for help.

Now i have had my whinge i would like to share with you what i am grateful for;

{My family} This is always top of my list even when they drive me nuts, i love my little nest.
{my pool} My kids love it and its so nice to see them outdoors and spending time all together as a family.
{my craft} Whatever i decide to do i love that it comes from my mind and materializes.
{new friendships} I am reaching out to make new connections within my community and it feels awesome.
{meditation} I only need to close my eyes throughout the day for a few seconds and centre my mind and be calm.

Also i want to tell you about my day today. Having a swim in the pool on this nice hot day, got out and dried off. While i was sitting watching my hubby swim, what do i see? A baby brown snake slithering along the fence area. Let me just say i didn't stick around. Mmmmm? Will i swim again soon?

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