Saturday, October 15, 2011

working on decorating

I am still working on my daughters tea party.
Here is the crochet decorations that i have been working on.

I am no professional writing patterns but i will give it a go if you would like to do it yourself.
Here goes;

Start with 5 ch sl st to make a circle,
Foundation round 11 dc into circle,
First round  2 dc in each stitch,
Second round start with 2dc then 1 dc, alternate until the last stitch.

This is how i did it, you might know an easier/better way but i never use a pattern so it just comes out like this.

Also i have a beautiful fabric to drape from the ceiling with the garlands, should look sweet.

I can't wait for her party, i hope she loves a lot of pretty.


  1. I LOVE that crochet garland! I'm not skilled in that area. It's super pretty. Would make lovely necklaces for the party bags instead of the usual ugly plastic toys.

  2. I love your idea with the party bags. You have my brain ticking over again, you are so full of great ideas.