Friday, October 14, 2011

Thrifted then improved.

I haven't posted for a few days so i thought I'd let you know what has been occupying my time.
I get extremely inspired by a girl called Leah on Sookie Says Blog site (mentioned on here before), I love her ideas. I mentioned to you that i had been thrift shopping again and told you to watch out for some more thrifted items. This thrift item was too big in the "bust" region so Sookie says came to mind, could i pull off what she does so cleverly? I added three doilies across the neckline and i think i like it but most importantly it fits now. Here is the result;

Leah is extremely talented, you can follow her on facebook and twitter she is also on Etsy her shop is called Suds in the Bucket. I think i may have to buy up myself.

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Recycled Fashion

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  1. You should link this up to Erica at Recycled Fashions.

    Very pretty. I Love the movie Pretty In Pink - reminds me of the movie.