Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let go.

I once had a wonderful friend. I lost that friendship yesterday. We fought.

Misunderstanding? Changes in both of us?

I am devastated.
We had a deep connection, the type when you know what they are feeling before they tell you, that sort of thing. I thought our bond was unbreakable.

I feel i am moving into a new faze of life. Not sure what that faze will be but i know its changing and i welcome it. I don't want to look back anymore and i certainly can't be the person i was before i got sick. I am different now, the friendships i had i think i was holding onto as a way of not letting go of the old me. But i think that is precisely what i need to do, let go.
I am so thankful for having her precious ways in my life, i will miss her and i wish her well. She will be missed.

"when one door closes, another door opens".


  1. If she's a special friend don't you think you can make up? Do you want to?

    Family members often fight and talk again after brooding for some time.

    In France friends fight a lot and it's no big deal. Here in Oz I wouldn't dare fight and insult a friend as I know they would never talk to me again as my tongue ca be harsh :-(

  2. I guess only time will tell. Your right though,in Oz offense is taken or so it seems. in the UK people use to row all the time but it never seemed to cut deep. You may just see another post about this sometime in the future?