Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I must grow

"If we're growing, we're always going to be out of our comfort zone." - John Maxwell

I am always aspiring to improve my life or more accurately how i see my life. I often choose to see the negative side before the positive and i spend a lot of time walking blind unable to see the little blessings i have around me everywhere.

The last few days it seems that i am seeing little messages everywhere. I am being inspired to really live life by my blogging friends. I am going to be splashing in puddles with my darling boy when it rains next as a blogging friend has done. Simply why not, it doesn't hurt to get wet and muddy does it. Right there is a simple pleasure enjoyed with my child who can then grow up to say " i have fond memories of splashing in the puddles with my mum". So much better than " my mum was always miserable".

Another little message was from Louise Hay who i follow on facebook, today i see her post is this; I bless the past with love, take a deep breath, and move gently into the new. - Louise L. Hay. It is so fitting for me as my past is bitter sweet and particularly with losing my friend i can see how she was a purpose in my life and i bless that relationship with love and even though she may not be in my future i can move forward gently and keep my eyes open wide for those types of blessings again in my future.

So now i am trying to move into the new faze or whatever choice of word is better suited, with eyes wide open. I will have my ups and downs as i always do but my goal is to always try something new from now on. I don't need to stay in my comfort zone. Boring. I'm going to allow myself to grow. Heartbroken, physically challenged, whatever the obstacle may be because i love my family so much and i am blessed with them each day i am going to give this gift to them.

Note: Blessed is going to be a word i use repeatedly i am afraid because there just is no other way i can see the little life fulfilling things i am given.

So what can i do new?

Treat my body well and hydrate H2O all the way.
Walk in the rain, jump in puddles.
Sleep under the stars?? mmm mozzies?
Wear a different style of clothing
Get up earlier
Learn a new word and try and use it in conversation during the day
Research an athlete and follow their journey
Use an affirmation for a day
Do a little self help reading, unless i feel I'm perfect already.

These are a start i think, its all about slowly.
So can you add to my list?
Guess what? it looks like it might just rain today *smiles*

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