Friday, May 27, 2011

Mr Hart, What a mess!

Yes I can hear your minds thinking OMG........ This is my darling daughters contribution to fill up my days. Isn't she sweet. CULL time again.

As paybacks for filling my time, I thought I would return the favour and fill hers. I made her try on every item of clothing that you see here in this photo.

This is what we were left with. Since it is Autumn we kept the warmer clothes out and put her summer clothes in a box on top of her wardrobe. Can hear you hear me thinking " you better keep it like this my girl!".

We also decided to put draws back in their places and toys in the toy boxes. Makes a bit of a difference. We also were able to empty one whole blanket box full of clothes.

This is the blanket box, as you can see completely empty ;)

Darling husband put up fishing wire across the room  for the lovely drawings as our daughter loves to create just like her Ma. Great place to display her medals and certificates from school.

We also have a pin board that changes all the time, these are our latest paintings we did together.

Finally she can enjoy her room...........for now anyway :)


  1. Like you, I have have had a few issues posting comments on some blogs over the last couple of the days. So my normal lengthy comments have be reduced to a couple of sentences as I have lost so many recently.

    I think that tide has turned...fingers crossed! Very nice headway in the decluttering and organising stakes!

  2. Yay! Another comment appears!!!

  3. I'm still not able to comment properly :(
    Nix Nax

  4. Great before & after and super job going through it all! Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. You are very much an inspiration to me so a big thanks goes to you jen. It is still clean too!!