Sunday, April 3, 2011

Faith in human nature restored.

I have to share what has made my heart swell.

After our Free Sale, we had an honest person return a disc that was left in a computer. Now i thought that was nice.

Yesterday we had a man bring a teddy for my daughter because he took free stuff from us, I thought that was lovely.

The topping on the cake was when the person who took the computer came by our house today. It was an approximately four year old girl. She handed me chocolates and said thank you for my computer, i wouldn't have one if you didn't give me yours. MY OH MY talk about a wanting to tear up.
What wonderful people to do such a thing.

Our aim of the free cycle was to be rid of clutter that was useful but no longer to us. We didn't put a price on it because we wanted it gone. We never expected for this little random act of kindness to eventuate but it really makes me smile and feel so good.

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