Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Riley you inspire me to put a smile on my face. You bring me so much joy and laughter. You take me back to childhood to the joyful days of play. When i try to look at the world through your eyes i see such a wondrous world. The simple things that stir happiness in you are beautiful, without you i would forget what magic exists. Scrunching of paper, squashing of food, splashing in water and digging in dirt what magic you create for me watching you learn the ways of the world.
I wish for you to always find joy in the simplest of things, never forget how good the grass feels beneath your bare toes or how fun it is to splash, squash and dig. Carry with you always your joys of life's gifts.
For i will forever carry with me the times we sat and played, the times i watched your eyes twinkle with delight. You are precious my dearest boy, thank you for bringing back the magic xx