Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The slowing of my limbs has created an interesting journey.
Forced reflection surfaced the real me. I was treading water; lost....
Now i am swimming, searching for that island of promise
but enjoying each paddle and stroke.
Testing my inner core
no longer a pacer of my lounge room floor
but a rocker in my rocking chair.
Forced to watch rather than participate
unfolds a new wave of emotions and truths.
The light has been switched on,
i can see with clarity.
I now have time
A gift
The gift of choosing how to live
instead of life living for me
It was carrying me in waves of confusing direction
too quickly paced to think
Now i have stopped i can think
I can tread water for a while
choosing the life i want to live
I choose to live life fully coherent
arriving at the beach with no regrets.

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