Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hi stranger

I haven't been here in a long while. In actual fact i wasn't sure i was going to keep a blog and i am still unsure. Sometimes i feel like my life is somewhat boring compared to all those wonderful bloggers out there.Maybe that's another post in itself?

Anyway, I thought i would share something that i have always wanted to do, i suppose you could say it was a kind of bucket list item, only i never listed it as one.
My husband bought an old (kind of retro) dressing table which he found on facebook Garage Sales. It was cheap but i can't remember the price now. It had been painted many times before by the previous owner/owners. I always think about the life of second hand items, i believe everything has a story pretty much.
Back on to the restoration. I gave the dressing table 2 coats of Primer. It didn't have any holes or dents to fill in so it was pretty straight forward really. Primer dries very quickly and i could have painted straight away but i had a  hard decision to make regarding colour. I knew i wanted a green but gee how many greens to choose from. I picked a colour and painted it. Mmmmmm disliked, too bright and was almost florescent in my opinion. I was thinking a more olive green. So i painted another dose of Primer and went on a colour hunt again. Keep in mind any standing in hardware stores (or anywhere) is torture due to my disability, so i wasn't impressed much.
Get home paint it again and it is lime green. Not olive green but i liked it and it looked nice with the original drawers pattern which had not been touched by previous owners. I had intentions to cover the drawers with wallpaper but i think i will keep the touch of its originality.
Anyway, here it is, do you like?

Its a small picture, sorry.