Monday, January 30, 2012

1st Year Blog Anniversary

Today is my blogs first birthday.

Nothing special but it makes me happy that my little place to share still exists (I always give up on things) It has been great for me when i have needed to fill a void in my life. Best of all i have wandered through other blogs and found so much inspiration it keeps my wheels in motion. One year ago i was uncertain about blogging but my thoughts of "why not?" brought me to a place where i can run to when i need to top up on gas (inspiration).
Thanks all you bloggers out there for sharing your days.

Just to share a bit of what i have been up to of late;

Remember this,

Well it turned into this,

And i think my son has claimed it!

I also created my own mandala which i would like to use as a wall hanging eventually.

Although i don't have regular updates be assured i am still hooking and trying to live out all the bucket list items, while keeping an eye on my families environmental footprint of course :-)

Happy Birthday Nixnax.