Friday, October 28, 2011

Girly days

 "Girly" days as my daughter calls it are special days. The boys go and do their thing "footy" and we do our journal writing and craft. Below is a picture of her journal ( and the flowers she picked) that we bought her when we went to the Gold Coast. She loves it and fills it up with stories and pictures that she likes. I hope that my journal writing rubs off on her because it is such a great way to lift a dull mood.
When she gets stuck on what to add to it we think of subjects such as 10 things i like about me or 5 things i like about my friends then usually the flood gates open and we are filling our journals up.
For myself i like to add things that i dream of seeing or doing one day or i add little keep sakes of places we have been. Its uplifting to go back over it. I guess its a little like an inspiration board only in a book.
Do you have an inspiration board? Perhaps that might be something my daughter and i can do when the footy season starts up again.

How is this for an inspiration door board?


  1. Yes, I do have an inspiration board.. though, I have no place currently to stick it. The apartment is too small LOL

    Interesting blog you have, darling!

    p.s. I have a daughter too :)

  2. Thank you Marusya, (perhaps you could use a mirror in the apartment for your inspirations?i think i will learn how to style up from your Blog (much needed). Thanks for dropping by :)