Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holiday time

I am just back from a week away in the Gold Coast QLD Australia. It was such a great time away and felt like a bit of a honeymoon since we never really had a proper one when we married 15yrs ago.
We didn't really want to go on a honeymoon as we had a 6mth yr old baby boy we didn't want to leave behind.
This baby boy is the reason we had a chance to go to the Gold Coast because he was selected to play in the states indigenous football team.

He didn't get much game time but he made us proud with his maturity off the ground. He was a strong voice from the side lines supporting his team mates. He encouraged his mates to clean up their litter so SA would leave with a shining reputation ( i'm sure its because his mum is an environmental freak). He was allowed to roam the mall at night as if he was an adult and he acted like a mature young man. Onya Scotty!

So this was us at the airport waiting for our plane to arrive and take us on our long awaited break.

This is I, waiting for our connecting flight. All chairs were taken so since i cannot stand for any period of time the floor has to be the option.

So worth sitting on the floor at airports to have this feeling of the wind in my hair and the sun warming my back while watching the waves rolling in.

This was the view from our hotel window. I used the spa, sauna and had a swim.....bliss.

My hubby thought meeting the locals was bliss......

The beach was fab. Note to self, if you walk down to the surf you have to walk back where you came from throuh thick sand. OMG my muscles nearly died.

These beds are made fro people with OT that have just walked up the beach. Jokes but they were perfect for a rest. These are found along the esplanade.

Unfortunately our holiday had to come to an end but i was getting exhausted and needed to come home for a rest. Yes i know thats weird. Plus i was missing my other babes.

This was at the airport waiting to come home. Can you tell by my eyes how tired i was? So needed a coffee to help me through.
I had an amazing time with my hubby, love him to bits and love the fun we have together.
Thankyou my oldest dear boy for this holiday and its all because you are you.

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