Monday, September 26, 2011

Again, down memory lane

These yummo things called Yorkshire puddings are just a sensational addition to that perfect Sunday roast. I happened to mention them on facebook last week and my cook (hubby) kindly made them for me. My Mum and Nanna always used to have them with a roast. It was a must, a bit like a dumpling in a stew.

I used to always be in a tree, i would always have the best intentions to visit my friend but would climb up the trees that were in the local fields near our home instead. Up the tree tops i could sit and dream of this life that would be filled with fame and stardom. How much my young self didn't know about reality. BUT there is something meditative about sitting up in a tree, i miss it. I don't think i would go climbing trees now though.

I remember going to visit my Grandparents in Wales it would be a long drive from Chester and when we got there we would run around the garden. Round and round the bird bath, we would go to the park which was right behind their home I'm sure we were restless girls my sister and i. If we were behaved we would be treated with playing on an old bike (which i think was a trike) and i think I found it difficult to ride because i was only small but i remember the excitement of being allowed to ride it. It was very old, could have even been my Dads and my Aunties when they were little? It was obviously special to me as thinking back to it makes me happy, even if i can't remember if it had two wheels or three.

I had a bike which i called Budgie, perhaps it was the brand? It was similar to this above except mine was metallic maroon and gold. I remember flying over the handle bars once. I'm sure most kids do. I got a mountain bike later on, had an accident on that too. I changed the gears while standing up, the pedals just fell from beneath my feet (so it seemed) and i was spinning round in circles. You can picture it can't you? It ended with my big toe ripped up by from scraping it on the road. Should have wore shoes that day.

I will always remember the trees around the neighbourhood. Climbing them was great and the willow trees would offer so much fun also. We would build cubbies underneath them. The ground would be swept clear from the long branches. It would be perfect to pretend it was our house. Willow trees are sentimental to me as are the chestnut trees because i remember the fun days where we would go and collect our conkers.

All of these memories are from my time in England but i guess that's where all the things seemed so perfect because i was little and didn't know anything else. Don't you just wish you could go back to the magical childhood days. (well to the good parts anyway).

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